Project Description

Egypt The Holy Valley

Egypt: Where God Came Down on Earth.

Egypt is the Only Place on Earth Where God’s Voice Was Heard on Mount Moses & Inside the Monastery of Saint Catherine

Let us walk the footsteps of Jesus Christ in Egypt.

Itinerary Information

Arrival at Cairo International Airport, Egypt. We will be there to meet and assist you to the hotel where you spend the first night.

In the morning, after breakfast, we will be heading to Wadi El Natroun (100 km from Cairo) where Jesus Christ said, “This barren desert in this valley would be full of Shepherds and those who would serve God like the angels”.

We will visit The Monastery of Bishop Macarius and The Monastery of Bishop Pishoy, and then break for lunch at restaurant during the trip. Afterwards, we will visit The Syriac Monastery, The Paromeos Monastery and The Red Spring. The Red Spring, which is also known as the spring of mary, has been sprouted by Jesus Christ. This fresh water spring is located in a salt water lake (3 Km from The Paromeos Monastery) in wadi alnatroun. Many visitors from all over the world come to enjoy its sulfuric water that treats skin diseases and bone pain, which it is famous for. Finally, we will return to Cairo in the evening, to have dinner and overnight stay.

After breakfast, we will start our day with a visit to Al Materia where “The Tree of Mary” is located. “The Tree of Mary” sheltered the Holy Family for several days. At this site Jesus Christ sprouted a well of fresh water where He drank from and blessed.

We will then move to Old Cairo and the Religions Complex to visit The Church of Abu Serga where The Holy Family hid from the Roman soldiers.

Then we will visit The Temple of Ben Ezra, a place where Jews still practice their faith at. Then we will visit The Hanging Church which is the most famous Coptic Christian church in Cairo, and Babylon Fortress, the location of the ancient Roman’s garrison. We will then take a break for lunch at a restaurant. After lunch, we will visit The Church of Maadi: the first place in Cairo where The Virgin Mary, Joseph the Carpenter and baby Jesus Christ landed and placed their feet after a long journey from Jerusalem. We will then travel to Minya (234 km from Cairo) to arrive at the hotel, enjoy dinner with an overnight stay.

After breakfast, we will visit The Monastery of the Virgin Mary above GABAL ALTEAR (Bird’s Mountain) where the Holy Family stayed for three nights. The plan is to visit all the places where the Holy Family walked. Then we will visit “The Hideout”, the place where The Virgin Mary hid from the Roman soldiers. We will break for lunch during the trip in a restaurant. Later, we will travel to Assiut (159 km from Minya) to rest at the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

After breakfast, we will visit GABAL QASQAM. It was a miracle how the Holy Family managed to climb this mountain, where they stayed for six months and ten days. It is also the place where an Angel appeared to Joseph the Carpenter asking him to return to Jerusalem. Later during the day, we will visit The Monastery of the Virgin Mary known as “Deir Muharraq” (40 km west of Assiut). Then we will have lunch at a restaurant.

And finally, we will travel to Saint Catherine (799 km from Assiut). At the arrival at Saint Catherine’s Monastery Hotel we will have dinner and stay overnight.

Before the break of dawn, at 2 am, is the best time to start climbing Mount Moses while riding on camelback. We then complete the journey by using the designated stairs. It is a magical time at the top of the mountain to pray and recite to God until sunrise. Here Moses was called by the Lord and was given the Ten Commandments. After this spiritual morning, we will descend down the mountain to have breakfast. Later we move to visit The monastery of Saint Catherine and The Holy Tree, where God revealed to Moses: “Indeed, I am your Lord, so remove your sandals. Indeed, you are in the sacred valley of Tuwa” (Taha [20:13])

Later, we will eat lunch at a restaurant. Finally, we will travel to Sharm El Sheikh (81 km from Saint Catherine).

We will have dinner on arrival and plan for an overnight stay.

Travel day and wishing you a safe trip to your home or your next destination. (Jordan/Israel)